Telecommunication Fixed network

Sensi is an Italian network company that has always been a reference for all the major telephone companies.
The experience and quality that distinguish this company, that has dealt with the technological evolution of the fixed telephone network directly and constantly, make it a strategic partner for the operators in the sector.
Sensi is able to provide technological and functional solutions that guarantee the maximum efficiency, excellent levels of service and optimization of the costs necessary to achieve them.
The offer that Sensi is able to provide in the sector is of the “end to end” type, including engineering, construction, and implementation of networks and systems in copper and fiber optics. The continuous evolution of the network has led the company to create a special Business Unit devoted entirely to the activity of Installation and Commissioning of transmitters and the erection of Telecommunication Control Centers. With its highly specialized personnel, and operating in close collaboration with its clients, Sensi ensures efficient, effective management and maintenance of networks 365 days a year, 24/7, through actions of prevention, resolution and monitoring.


Site inspections, walk-in, walk-out, layout drawings, design of works of civil engineering, determining the dimensions of the network, planning the circuit logic, size and choice of transmission equipment, defining specifications

Permit applications

Drafting and transmitting applications and obtaining permits from all the appropriate offices.

Works of civil Engineering

Construction of all the works necessary for the realization of the infrastructure, both underground and aerial.
Use of traditional methods, mini-trenches, micro-trenches, no-dig and aerial platforms.

Laying cable

Laying cables in copper and fiber optics, in both underground and aerial infrastructures.
Use of traditional techniques and blowing.


Splicing and Termination of cables in copper and fiber optics, whether for carriers or for access.


Testing of carrier and access networks, both active and passive.

Installation of Equipment

Installation and commissioning of transmission equipment for carriers, accesses and users.

System Delivery

Realization of client installations in access networks, in copper and fiber optics.

Maintenance and technical Assistance

Monitoring and maintenance of the carrier and access networks in both copper and fiber optics, with 24/7 service 365 days a year.

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