Telecommunication Mobile network

Business Unit expanding within the company with the creation of specific, highly qualified teams undergoing constant updating.

SENSI operates in the sector of Radio Communication Networks with activities of Engineering, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (I&C), Integration and Maintenance with activities of Site Expansion, Swap/Modernization and New Installations with applications on the different types of Networks.

Microwave, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max connections are also engineered and supplied.


Site inspections, feasibility studies, design of installations and systems.

Works of civil Engineering

Construction Works relative to the infrastructure, installation of metallic supporting structures for aerials and equipment, and the installation of energy Systems and air conditioning for radio stations.

Installation, Commissioning and Testing

Installation of radio communication equipment; installation and positioning of radio aerials; tests; commissioning and integration in networks; radio electric measurement and control of coverage in the field; installation and positioning of Radio Links; visibility, aiming and interference measures for Radio Links.

Maintenance and technical Assistance

Personnel on call; preventive maintenance; corrective maintenance; supervision and monitoring of the network; management of spare parts and remote technical support.

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